“Life is like a heart monitor. Without the ups & downs, you aren’t living.”

“Life is like a heart monitor. Without the ups & downs, you aren’t living.”

Considering the hassles customers may have to go through, back in May 2016, Tiashon Oyola came with the idea of bringing something exclusive and unique to the table. After overcoming a lot of hassles, a brand was launched that delineated life’s challenges and victories.

Bringing A Mascot to Life:

With the core motive of representing ups and downs of life, the brand – INVASION NYC – is bringing quite a new and exceptional brand message. The organization uses heartbeat lines to show how being alive is all about tackling ups and downs.

Keeping the trend of uniqueness alive, the brand brought a mascot with a doctor attire in the picture as the brand logo mascot. Having a keen interest in the industry of entertainment sowed the seed of this idea into the mind of the founder, Tiashon.

Knowing that there is a brand who is representing heartbeats, it would be best to bring forward this alien in a satirical way that would be representing the brand. Not just that, but the entire concept is meant to provide a personal feel to the brand. It is supposed to be fun along with appealing as there are several forms through which the mascot forms a connection between the brand and its audience. Therefore, the best idea was to simulate the alien as a doctor who is going to cater to the audience and guide them when it comes to choosing the best. In a way, the intention was to make the alien mascot a heroic figure.

The goal is to make the alien mascot figure serve the community is by helping them through their adversities and tough times, hence, he is appearing as a doctor with a coat.

You may explore and find several brands with unique messages and logos but seldom you would be finding something as intriguing as this cute representation of a Doctor known as Dr.Allan , right?

So, that is what we're all about. Go ahead, adorn the clothing from this superior brand called Invasion NYC and be a part of the world where this organization rules.

Oh, and should you have any problem, or you face any adversity, just don’t sweat upon it, as we have our very own doctor to give you the right medicine.

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