About Us

Brand story: Invasion NYC was established in 2016 as a street apparel brand; subdivision to its parent media label Invasion Music Group. Invasion NYC is one of the leading trendsetting online, street apparel stores that offers quality rated products, which customers can shop from the comfort of their homes or with our daily street team reinventing street-wear fashion. Invasion NYC seeks to make customers attain better outcomes through passion, design, and relentless pursuit of innovation and forward thinking.The concept was derived from the frequencies of unforeseen experiences and events, therefore the well-known “V” insignia substitutes as a Pulse line derived from the (EKG) electrocardiogram.

    Invasion helps individuals to capture and share life's victory at the most challenging moments and through the sharing of collective experiences making life more meaningful and fun. 

In a nutshell: Overcoming adversity.


 “Cannot stop, will not stop”